Installing a New Roof and Siding in Mantua, NJ

If you were to list the top components of your home’s exterior, your roof, siding, and windows would likely come to mind first. They’re all essential, and work together to keep your home dry, secure, and efficient. They’re also part of what’s called your home’s envelope: key contributors to your efficiency and comfort. 

At Walker Roofing & Siding, we take your home improvement investments seriously and want to help you make the best choices. These days in particular, picking the right materials and products can translate to serious long-term savings and value. 

For this Mantua, NJ, home, we had a unique opportunity: to upgrade their siding and roof system in one shot. The needs converged, and it made the most sense to leverage the efficiency offered by completing all the jobs simultaneously. We’ll walk you through what the homeowners picked, and then offer a few tips for helping you to know when it’s time for your own roof replacement in New Jersey.

Picking a new roof in Mantua, NJ

Let’s work from the top down. 

This beautiful new roof was completed with Certainteed Landmark PRO roof shingles, in their charcoal color option. There are a lot of reasons why this is an exceptional shingle, from the asphalt and polymer seal to the 130mph wind warranty, all backed by over a century of shingle construction experience. Here are a few more key benefits:

  • Heavier asphalt shingles offer more durability
  • Class A fire resistant
  • 15-year algae resistance warranty

From every angle this is a quality roof system, and one that we know will perform well. 

Picking Certainteed siding

Working our way down, you’ll find Certainteed Monogram double 5 vinyl siding in a gorgeous Pacific Blue. This is a durable, practical choice, backed by an outstanding warranty. That, coupled with the estimated 74.7% return on investment from a vinyl siding upgrade, and this is a win from every side. Literally. 

We particularly love the white corner post paired with the black gutters. It’s unique and striking, isn’t it? And the board and batten siding in the gable ends adds a beautiful contrast.

How do you know if it’s time to replace your roof in NJ?

Our first tip is to proactively inspect your roof, even if it’s not extremely old. Catching problems early can extend the life of your system, plus help you avoid costly leaks or surprise repairs. Here are a few more warning signs to watch out for:

  • Cracked and/or buckling shingles
  • Granules in your gutters
  • Damaged or outdated flashing (older roof systems use cement or tar, while newer installations use metal flashing)
  • Algae growth

Have more questions about your roofing or siding needs in South Jersey? Contact us at Walker Roofing & Siding! We’re here to help, and would love put our experience to work for you and your home.