3 Signs That Your Chimney Flashing Needs To Be Replaced in Elk Township  

It’s easy to take your roof for granted. A little too easy sometimes… It keeps the rain out, your shingles stay in place, your gutters keep doing their thing, and you lose sight of just how complex your roof system really is. Every component is designed to work together and protect your property from catastrophe, from your underlayment to your drip edge to your flashing.  

Let’s camp out on flashing for a minute. In fact, we just finished a chimney flashing replacement in Elk Township, and it’s a perfect example of what we’re talking about. We’ll share a couple photos below, then offer some tips and insight. 

What is chimney flashing? 

Flashing is molding that prevents water intrusion at vulnerable points. Most often you’ll find it at joints where your roof intersects with an upright surface, or along valleys where two slopes meet. Think of it as a gap in your home’s armor that needs to be seamlessly covered. 

Case in point? Your chimney. Any time a surface rises at a perpendicular angle from your roof, there’s a serious risk of leaking around its base. 

Chimney flashing is designed to seal the gaps, with base flashing under your shingles and step flashing bent up along the chimney.  

How long does chimney flashing last? 

It depends on the material you use and the quality of the installation/components. Your flashing really should last as long as the roof system itself, unless there is structural damage, decay, or cracking (if your flashing is made of vinyl or PVC). This is why routine roof inspections and maintenance in Elk Township are so important, nipping problems in the bud.  

How do you know if your chimney flashing needs to be replaced? 

Here are a few key warning signs. 

  1. Water leaks. It may seem obvious, but a leak is a sure sign that your roof needs attention. Sometimes the system itself needs repair or replacement, but oftentimes the issue can be traced back to malfunctioning flashing.  
  1. Corrosion. As we touched on above, some flashing lasts longer than others. Watch for corrosion, and if you see rust accumulating be sure to call your local roofing company. It’s best to catch the issue early! 
  1. Roof damage near your flashing. If your flashing isn’t doing its job, the shingles around it will suffer. Look for curling, and also for dark patches where moisture is accumulating and saturating the surface. 

Need help from a professional roofing company in Elk Township? 

Contact our team at Walker Roofing! We know that roofing questions and issues can be stressful, making it all the more important to work with a team you can trust. We’ve been meeting the roofing needs of our Elk Township friends and neighbors since 1929, and would love to serve you and your home.

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