Can you replace a roof in the fall?

A lot of homeowners assume that spring and summer are the only time for roof repair or replacement in South Jersey. It makes sense: the weather is warm and dry (mostly), plus there’s no snow to worry about. It’s just become one of those accepted assumptions. 

Well, what if summer passed you by and suddenly you’re staring down the colder months of the year? Can you replace your roof in the fall, or have you missed your chance?

Nope, you didn’t miss out! In fact, an ideal window of opportunity is opening up.

Fall is a perfect season for roof replacement. Here’s why!

Ideal weather for roofing work

Roofing in the summertime can be brutal, especially thanks to our NJ heat. Fall’s cooler, more even temperatures and predictable weather makes it a perfect fit from every perspective. Plus, roofers can work more of the day since they don’t need to avoid the hottest hours of the afternoon.

Shingles like the warm weather

If you’re installing asphalt shingles, you need to be sure that the weather is right for the seal strips to securely adhere. Colder weather makes that level of adhesion a lot tougher, preventing the crucial “thermal seal.” Fall is still plenty warm for risk-free roofing! 

Catch summertime damage

Summer and winter are both rough seasons weather-wise. That makes fall an ideal “rest” opportunity for your roofing system, and allows you to identify and repair any weak points or damage. You’ll be glad that you did before we get into the wetter winter weather!

Increase your NJ home’s efficiency with a new roof

You might not realize it, but your roof system as a whole has a huge impact on your home’s efficiency. Proper insulation and ventilation work together to keep you cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter, and save on energy costs in a big way. When you discuss your new roof with your NJ roofer, make sure you ask what can be done to reduce lost energy. 

Slower season for your roofing company

Fall isn’t exactly an off season for roofers, but it’s definitely slower than spring or summer. Take advantage of their availability now rather than waiting until peak months when they’re straight out. 

Pro Tip:

It can be a little too easy to procrastinate when you’re dealing with a roofing issue, until suddenly you have an emergency on your hands. It pays to be proactive, starting a conversation with your local roofer sooner rather than later. Routine inspections and maintenance can go a long way too. If your roof gets a clean bill of health, fantastic! If it needs minor repairs or new flashing installed, you can rest easy knowing that you saved yourself from an avoidable headache and expense this winter.

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