Does Vinyl Siding Increase Home Value?

There’s a lot to love about vinyl siding, isn’t there? It looks great, offers solid protection and durability, and is more friendly to the environment than a lot of other siding options. All good and important points, but there’s another key question to ask: does vinyl siding increase home value? First, let’s dig into more … Read more

What To Expect During A New Roof Installation

Are you considering a roof replacement? Whether it’s due to the roof’s age, damage, or you’re just ready for a new look, a roof installation is a significant home improvement project. And as a professional roofing company, we understand that you may have questions about the process. Maybe a lot of questions. Today, we’ll walk … Read more

7 Signs You Need a New Roof

With some home improvement projects, you can afford to be reactive. Something works until it doesn’t, then you get it repaired or replaced. With other systems around your home, it pays to be proactive, catching issues early before they turn into full-blown disasters. Case in point? Your roof system. It’s easy to just let it … Read more

Why is it important to clean your gutters this fall?

Ah, fall. It’s a season for a lot of good things: beautiful colors, relief from air conditioning bills, cozy beverages on crisp days… And having the kids back in school certainly doesn’t hurt either, right? It’s also a season for a few home maintenance items that are pretty important to take care of, especially as … Read more

Can you replace a roof in the fall?

A lot of homeowners assume that spring and summer are the only time for roof repair or replacement in South Jersey. It makes sense: the weather is warm and dry (mostly), plus there’s no snow to worry about. It’s just become one of those accepted assumptions.  Well, what if summer passed you by and suddenly … Read more

Installing a New Roof and Siding in Mantua, NJ

If you were to list the top components of your home’s exterior, your roof, siding, and windows would likely come to mind first. They’re all essential, and work together to keep your home dry, secure, and efficient. They’re also part of what’s called your home’s envelope: key contributors to your efficiency and comfort.  At Walker … Read more