Can the Right Roof Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal and Value?

When you think of value-boosting home improvement projects, you might immediately think of remodeling, painting, or maybe finally fixing the rot that’s been living rent-free in your front porch. You know, all those bigger ticket items that have a major impact and will turn the heads of potential buyers.

But what about your roof?

A roof isn’t just a utilitarian afterthought anymore, designed to keep the rain out. The right roof system can boost curb appeal in a big way, and it screams “value” and “quality.” In fact, forward-thinking homeowners who invest in better quality roofing materials, like Certainteed Landmark dimensional shingles, can see a strong return on their investment.

So yes, your roof does add a lot to your curb appeal and property value. But let’s dig into it a little deeper so that you can make the very most of your next roof replacement.

Can a new roof increase your curb appeal?

If you haven’t considered your roof system to be a design element, now’s the time to start. There are SO many options out there, boasting different colors, styles, and look-alike materials. For example, let’s circle back to Landmark shingles (one of our favorites). There are colors available to enhance any home, all designed to capture the textural depth and dimension of shake shingles.

Picking a roof system to enhance your home’s value

Keep in mind that a roof is more than a functional necessity; its beauty is more than shingle-deep, you could say.

Your roof also offers:

  • Weather resistance, with higher-quality, dual-layered shingles being rated for high winds and extreme conditions
  • Safety, including specific fire-resistant standards
  • Protection against algae growth
  • Increased home efficiency as part of your overall energy envelope

Our recommendation is to buy the best quality roof you can, carefully choosing a roofing material that meets your long-term needs, budget, and adds the most value. You can opt for the lowest-cost asphalt shingles, but that will definitely impact your roof system’s longevity and overall return on investment.

Talk to your roofing contractor and discuss your specific goals and budget, and potential resale factors as well. Keep in mind that your future buyer will see your roof as either a major benefit or potential liability.

What type of roof material offers the best value?

There are really three broad categories to choose from: asphalt shingles, metal roofing, and more specialized materials like slate.

Asphalt shingles are the most versatile and affordable, and are also available in an incredible variety of colors (as we mentioned above). Honestly, in most cases a high-quality asphalt shingle is the way to go. It won’t have the longevity of a material like slate, but it’s also a fraction of the cost. Plus, most homeowners don’t really need a roof to last 75 or 100 years. 25-35 (or even more!) is just fine. If you can communicate that the asphalt shingle roof is actually a premium architectural shingle rated for 50 years, it will go a long way to educate and impress the prospective buyer.

Metal roofs are also popular these days, and can actually impact immediate resale value even more than asphalt simply because of their reputation for longevity. People see a metal roof and just immediately assume they won’t need to worry about it for 50+ years, and that creates a lot of priceless peace of mind. Just like any other roofing material, however, not all metal roof systems are created equal. If you install a roof prior to selling your home, make sure that your listing agent shares exactly what kind of roof it is, what quality, and the longer-term benefits a new homeowner can expect.

If you are planning on selling your home anytime soon, investing in a specialized roof system like slate isn’t worthwhile. It’s gorgeous and exudes craftsmanship, and maybe that’s of great value to you, but in a dollars-and-cents evaluation it likely isn’t the right choice for immediate resale.

What’s the takeaway?

Know the importance of your roof, and buy the best quality system that you can. In most cases, a higher-end asphalt shingle will provide the strongest return on your investment, and you can pick the perfect color to complement your home.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to us at Walker Roofing. It would be our pleasure to walk you through your options and help you make just the right choice for your specific needs and goals.

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